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 The Le Mans option does not get alot of recognition. There are alot of Le Mans cars that get fixed up and look great.
 Introduced as the top-of-the-line version of the compact Pontiac Tempest, the Tempest Le Mans was essentially a trim package featuring sportier and more luxurious trimmings than the Tempest, including different badging and bucket seats. In 1962, Le Mans continued on this path, adding a convertible to the offerings and a 4bbl carbureted engine. Though all four body stylesócoupe, sedan, convertible and station wagonówere available as Tempests, there was no four-sedan or station wagon Le Mans. There was also no pillarless hardtop version of either Pontiac. The next year, in 1963, the Le Mans name was still used only on coupes and convertibles, but the name was officially made its own model. This would last for just one year. It's these 1963 cars of both nameplates that had the high-performance 326 CID V8 option (actually 336 cid for that one year only) and specially modified versions of them became the Super Duty cars of racing lore.
 The Tempest line was upsized to an intermediate-sized car on the new GM A platform (RWD). The General Motors A platform was a rear wheel drive mid-size car automobile platform designation used from 1964 to 1981... In 1964 the Le Mans returned to its role of Tempest trim upgrade with a new 215 CID six-cylinder and a redesigned 326 CID V8 (now actually 326 CID). Shortly after the start of the 1964 model year, the Le Mans became available with a new performance package. A performance package is a set of functional enhancements to the driveline of a vehicle, sold and priced as a unit.
 From 1973 to 1977, the Le Mans and other GM intermediates were much larger in size than previous models due to evolutionary changes that resulted in larger cars year after year and federally-mandated 5 mph crash bumpers that added weight and length. During this period, Pontiac's intermediate lineup included the base Le Mans, Le Mans Sport Coupe, Pontiac GTO. The Pontiac GTO is an automobile built by Pontiac Division of General Motors in the United States from 1964 to 1974, and by GM subsidiary Holden in Australia from 2004 to 2006.

Pontiac GTO/GT-37 Illustrated Identification Guide!
Pontiac GTO/GT-37 Illustrated Identification Guide!

67 Pontiac Project Le Mans by Powerblock on DVD

1971 Pontiac LeMans Production

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price 6-cyl / V8 Total Production
LeMans Series 235
235 69 4 dr Sedan - 6P $2,025 / 3,046 2,735
235 39 4 dr Hardtop - 6P $3,064 / 3,185 11,979
235 37 2 dr Hardtop - 6P $2,938 / 3,059 3,186
235 27 2 dr Sedan - 6P $2,877 / 2,998 40,966
235 36 4 dr Station Wagon - 6P $3,353 / 3,474 6,611
235 46 4 dr Station Wagon - 9P $3,465 / 3,586 4,363
LeMans Series 237
237 39 4 dr Hardtop - 6P $3,255 / 3,376 2,451
237 37 2 dr Hardtop - 6P $3,125 / 3,246 34,625
237 67 2 dr Convertible - 6P $3,359 / 3,480 3,865

1972 Pontiac LeMans Production

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type Factory Price Total Production
Base LeMans
2D 27 2d Coupe $2,840 6,855
2D 36 4d Station Wagon $3,389 8,332
2D 37 2d Hardtop $2,969 80,383
2D 46 4d Station Wagon $3,496 5,266
2D 69 4d Sedan $2,932 19,463
LeMans Sport
2D 67 2d Convertible $3,346 3,438
Luxury LeMans
2G 37 2d Hardtop $3,196 8,641
2G 39 4d Hardtop $3,319 37,615

Pontiac Le Mans and Le Mans GT AD

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