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    1967 Firebird AD   First Generation 1967-1969
    Firebird went on sale as both a coupe and convertible on February 23, 1967. The '67 Firebird started with a 250-horsepower, 326-cubic-inch V8 and moved up to a higher-compression four-barrel "H.O." version making it 285 horsepower. There was also a 400-cubic-inch, 325 horsepower. For 1968, the Firebird's 326 V8 grew to a full 350 cubic inches. The 350 was available in two-barrel form making 265 horsepower and 320 horsepower when equipped with a four-barrel. The four 400 engines available were: a 330-horsepower regular version, a 335-horse H.O. version, the H.O. with Ram Air and a 340 horsepower "Ram Air II" version. The 1969 Firebird debuted the Trans Am in March of '69, only 697 Trans Ams were sold during this first model year which included eight convertibles.

    1973 Firebird AD  Second Generation 1970-1981
    For '70˝, the Firebird lineup was divided into base, Esprit, Formula 400 and Trans Am. Esprit had a two-barrel version of Pontiac's 350 V8 rated at 255 horsepower, with a standard three-speed manual transmission or the three-speed automatic. The Formula 400 put a 330 horsepower four-barrel version of the 400 V8 under its twin scooped hood. The Trans Am had the shaker hood scoop, deep front spoiler, front fender vents and full-width rear spoiler. The colors available were Polar White with blue tape stripes or Lucerne Blue with white tape stripes. Under that shaker scoop was either the Ram Air III 400 V8 making 335 horsepower or the optional 345 horsepower Ram Air IV. The standard transmission was a four-speed manual. Only 3,196 Trans Ams were sold during that first abbreviated model year. The Formula and Trans Am models offered the 455-cubic-inch, rated at 335 horsepower and the 350 in the Formula for the first time. In 1973, the SD-455 had a 310-horsepower rating. Only 252 Trans Ams got the Super Duty in '73, and just 43 Formula 455 models were also got this engine. Bumper regulations necessitated a new front end for the 1974 Firebirds. There were 953 '74 Trans Ams built with the Super Duty and 57 Formula 455s so equipped in 1974. When Burt Reynolds drove a black-and-gold Special Edition 1977 Trans Am on the hit Smokey and The Bandit, Pontiac sold 68,745 Trans Ams along with 86,991 other assorted Firebirds during 1977. 1979 was the last year for the beloved 400-cubic-inch V8, and a special silver 10th-Anniversary edition Trans Am. Pontiac sold only 70,899 Firebirds and Trans Ams combined during the 1981 model year.

    1982 Firebird AD  Third Generation 1982-1992
    For 1982, the Firebird came in three trim levels: base, luxury-oriented S/E and Trans Am. The new third-generation Firebirds were praised for their solid handling and good looks. This was the year of David Hasselhoff and Knight Rider's talking car, Kitt. For 1985, Pontiac restyled the Firebird with a revised nose, new taillights and full rocker and quarter-panel extensions to the Trans Am to produce a more aggressive-looking car. 1989 was the 20th Anniversary of the Trans Am. By 1992, it was obvious that the third-generation Firebird's days were numbered.

    2000 Firebird AD  Fourth Generation 1993-2002
    While the '93 Firebird line had three models: base, Formula and Trans Am, there were only two engines offered — a new 160 horsepower 3.4-liter and the 275 horsepower LT1 version of the classic 5.7-liter small-block V8. In 1994 Firebird reintroduced the convertible and offered a special white and blue 25th Anniversary Trans Am. Also new for '94 was a GT version of the Trans Am and a "skip shift" feature on the six-speed manual. The Trans Am GT was dropped in 1995. In 1997 the WS6 Ram Air package was now an option for Formula and Trans Am convertibles. For 1998, the Firebirds got new noses and behind those noses in the Formula and Trans Am, the spectacular all-aluminum 305-horsepower LS-1 V8. Similar to the 1994, the 1999 Anniversary T.A., the 30th featured a white with blue trim color scheme along with blue-tinted alloy wheels and a white leather interior. The last Firebirds came along for 2002. The 35th Anniversary version for the Firebird, celebrated with a Trans Am, which featured yellow paint, black wheels and special graphics.
Firebird ID Numbers 1967-93

1969-1993 Trans Am Production Numbers & VIN Identification
  • The Trans Am debuted in 1969. It was made at two plants, Norwood, Ohio (VIN code N) and Van Nuys, California (VIN code L). Code 28 in the VIN (second and third numbers in the VIN) identified the Firebird as a Trans Am for two years (1970-1971).
  • VIN code V stands for Trans Am for the following years (1972-74 and 1992-93). VIN code W stands for Trans Am for the following years (1975-92).
Year Production VIN or Code Trans Am
1969697 (Includes 8 Convertibles) UPC WS4
Sales Code 332
1970 3,196 228870N100001
1971 2,116 228871L100001
1972 1,286 2V87X2N100001
1973 4,802 2V87X3N100001
1974 10,255 2V87X4N100001
1975 27,274 2W87W5N100001
1976 46,701 2W87Z6N100001
1977 68,744 2W87Z7N100001
1978 93,341 2W87Z8N100001
1979 117,109 2W87Z9N100001
1980 50,869 2W87TAN100001
1981 33,492 1G2AW87TBN100001
1982 52,960 1G2AW87HCN100001
1983 31,930 1G2AW87SDN100001
1984 55,374 1G2AW87GEN100001
1985 44,028 1G2FW87GFN100001
1986 48,870 1G2FW87GFN100001
1987 21,788 (GTA 11,102) 1G2FW28HN100001
1988 8,793 (GTA 11,214) 1G2FW218JL100001
1989 5,727 (GTA 9,631) 1G2FW218KL100001
1990 1,060 (GTA 1,447) 1G2FW238LL100001
1991 4,013 (GTA 2,915) 1G2FW238ML100001
1992 1,693 (GTA 508) 1G2FV228NL100001
1993 5,121 1G2FV22PPL100001

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